Donation Aggregator in Dhemaji NGO

By using DonationAggregator you can make (or receive) donation for a cause of your choice in any of registered NGO / Nonprofit / Charity. 

In other words, DonationAggregator is an online donation system that allows you to support the causes of your choice, which have been scrutinized by The Global NGO Registry for transparency & good track records.

DonationAggregator is run by SUDESH KUMAR FOUNDATION with no religious or political affiliation.

How does it work?

Transaction Solutions –
  1. Bank A/c Route – Quick Bank Transfer directly from Donor.
  2. Donation Gateway – 2nd/3rd party gateways accepting all major Cards.
  3. Donation Wallet – Crowd Donation Solutions in a customized way.
  4. E-cheque  Fastest clearing facility in association with major private banks.
  5. WhatsApp/Email/SMS/FB enabled donation link – Translating your social media presence into donations.
  6. Missed Call based donation solution – Allows your supporters to give a missed call at your unique number to make donation.
  7. Mobile Donation App: Allows you to collect instant donations through mobile app.
  8. Digital Currency – A/c Integration Support for selected digital currencies.

For Donation Receiver -
  1. Simply register at Here, you may submit the relevant documents (financial & activity reports) to make it openly accessible worldwide through the Skf Support Network.
  2. Upload the project proposals at by emailing to:
  3. Sign-up for FREE at for a PW protected panel along with listing link of your submitted proposals on Proposal Repository, which could also be integrated on your organization’s website.

For Donors -
  1. Simply, fill-up an online form at
  2. If yours’ / organization’s KYC transaction is accepted then you will be enrolled as a donor. And, you will get a donor control panel.
  3. At donor control panel, DonationAggregator will provide you the links of the selected projects proposal matching to your requirement in requested geographical region at Proposal Repository along with NGOregistry track record page of the organization.
  4. FREE local media coverage along with project monitoring support starting from verified financial report of donation receiving organization.